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Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Possible uses and use restrictions...

Cooperative Agreement funds may be used to support personnel, their training and travel, and to purchase supplies and services for planning, organizing and conducting activities directly related to the objectives of this program. These activities may include obtaining baseline data and establishing a system to monitor the availability and adequacy of HIV education in public schools and institutions of higher education; increasing the number of public schools providing HIV education; monitoring the levels of HIV-related knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors among students; collaborating with State and local health agencies in carrying out HIV education programs in the schools; collaborating with organizations to assist in strengthening HIV prevention for college age youth; establishing policies, guidelines, advisory committees, and/or standards to help increase the number of schools providing HIV education; integrating HIV education within a more coordinated school health program; disseminating information about accessibility, availability, and quality of educational strategies, materials, and curricula to local education agencies and schools; and providing technical assistance to local school districts and schools in implementing HIV education. Special efforts should be made to reach minority youth, youth in high-risk situations, and youth with special education needs. Educational programs should be locally determined, consistent with parental values, and appropriate to community needs. Funds may be expended for written materials, pictorials, audiovisuals, questionnaires or survey instruments, and educational group sessions related to HIV education for youth, school, and college populations if approved in accordance with the document "Content of AIDS-Related Written Materials, Pictorials, Audiovisuals, Questionnaires, Survey Instruments, and Educational Sessions in Centers for Disease Control Assistance Programs." Funds may not be spent for research activities, for surveys, or for questionnaires except as may be needed to collect basic evaluation requirements. Funds may not be used for purchasing computer equipment, office equipment or furnishing, renting or leasing office space, or to support construction or renovation unless specifically approved.